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    Jiri Gatek M.D.   

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Curriculum vitae

Date of birth                : 10.09.1950                                           

Name                           : Jiří Gatěk                                      

Sex                              : Male                                                 

Nationality                    :  Czech                                                           

Home Address          : Křiby 4712, 76005 Zlin, CZ

Telephone                 : +420 (0) 67 43916

Email                                 : chiratlas@mbox.vol.cz,   gatekj@lycos.com

Material Status       : Married

Education & Training

1968 – 1974             University of Palacky, Faculty of Medicine Olomouc, CZ

1985                        Postgraduate Training Second Class

1979                              Postgraduate Training First Class


2000                 H.Lee Moffitt Cancer Center at the University of South Florida Tampa USA

1999                   Department of Surgery University of the Philippines Manila Philippine

1998                   University of George Washington, Washington, USA

1998                  AKH Vienna, Austria

1998                  Department of Surgery University of Masaryk Brno CZ

1997                    University of San Carlos, Madrid, Spain

1996                        University of Santa Maria, Lisbon, Portugal

1996                   I. Department of Surgery Charles University, Praha, CZ

1995                          III. Department of Surgery Charles University, Praha, CZ

1994                         II. Department of Surgery University of Palacky , Olomouc, CZ

2000                 Radioquidet Surgery and Minimally Invasive breast Biopsy Course

                          University of South Florida 

2000                  A Visiting Professorhip in Surgical Oncology Within the Comprihensive Breast            Cancer Program

                        Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Reaserch Institute at University of south Florida

Work Experience

I990 -              Atlas Hospital, Zlín, CZ

                        Chief of Surgery Department.

1986 - 1990            Bata Hospital, Zlín, CZ

                        Surgery Department

1976         - 1986    Závodní nemocnice, Zlín, CZ

                        Surgery Department

1974 - 1976            Hospital Šternberk, CZ

                        Surgery Department


English            fluent English, 10 years of practice

German            fluent German, 15 years of practice

Russian           7 years of practice 

Member of Surgical Organization

Czech Surgical Society

Czechoslovak Society of Gastroenterology

International Society of Surgery

Breast Surgery International


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